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Almost half of surveyed physicians favor single-payer system

Posted by Ben Huynh on May 8, 2017 3:22:05 PM
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In a survey of 500 physicians conducted on LinkedIn in February, nearly 50% supported a single-payer system. The two primary reasons cited in support of a single-payer system were improved access to health care and the complexities of managing relationships with multiple payers who have indvidual billing procedures. Doctors opposed to a single-payer system argued that it would stifle innovation and competition and give the government too much power over reimbursement rates. Beyond this, many were skeptical the government was capable of creating a sustainable single-payer system.

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Without easy access to health care, many people do not receive the preventative care necessary to avoid developing more serious health conditions. Even with insurance, some people have a hard time finding physicians who accept their plan and are available to see them or avoid seeking care because of high-deductible plans. In many cases, primary care can improve quality of life and avoid high costs associated with preventable health conditions. As people move between jobs, they often change health plans which can result in a different primary care provider. This lack of continuity can lead to incomplete patient profiles and duplicative tests.

More than half of the surveyed physicians said they spend an average of 4 hours each week negotiating with insurance companies. Reasons for this range from prior authorization for procedures to addressing denied claims. Many providers surveyed are willing to reduce financial gains in exchange for more time to spend with patients and avoiding the hassle of administrative work associated with collecting payments from payers.


Source: LinkedIn

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